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Shelby Martial Arts Little Dragons Program


Imagine a room... filled with happy, highly motivated, energetic children. They're having fun and learning skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. This is what our Little Dragons Martial Arts Program can do for your child. Best of all, they do not see this as learning, they see it as play, because every one of our classes is filled with fun and excitement.

So what makes this martial arts program unlike anything your child has ever experienced?

Well, we've taken the best training and techniques from all aspects of martial arts, physical fitness, and scholastic programs and developed them into our Little Dragons program. We pride ourselves on making our program fun, exciting and relevant to each and every child, regardless of age or ability.

Paul Kroll and his instructors incorporate the ethics, moral integrity and martial art techniques gained from a lifetime of experience into this unique, age-specific martial art program.attempt.

Our amazing, highly trained staff of patient instructors love to work with children. We encourage good rules of behavior in class, and we expect the same kind of behavior at home and in school. This is not your garden-variety program, filled with empty creeds and sayings that the students do not take to heart. Our ultimate goal is to help you raise children that are unstoppable in everything they attempt.

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